Seattle’s Food Rescue Network

Information Visualization
December 2019
5 weeks
Double-sided brochure
— 12" x 18" unfolded

In collaboration with:
Alyssa Collister
The Project
While collaborating with the University of Washington’s Urban Freight Lab, we worked to provide a graphic visualization of the information gathered from their latest research on Seattle’s food rescue network. The goal was to create an easily digestible representation of the data to identify pain points in the system’s means of communication and transportation in hopes of reaching effective solutions for the future. The final product would be a useful tool for food banks and agencies, as well as city officials and policy makers.

Using Adobe Illustrator, we created a folded brochure utilizing the cover and first spread to provide background information and key statistics, followed by the flow chart at the center of the brochure. Geometric icons representing the key players are paired with a color-coded chart to explain the various routes taken by rescued food. We focused on using simple visuals and language to keep from adding to the complexity (of an already intricate system) while maintaining interesting spreads for the audience.

Front cover — 6" x 9"

Middle spread — 12" x 9"

Center unfolded — 12" x 18"

Front and back covers — 12" x 9"